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Water Whispering


You feel disconnected from this world and you're ambiguous about your direction in life. You long to live life on your own terms, but layers of unclarity keep you stuck. You seek effective guidance to break free from frustrations and restlessness.

Stop living the lie that disturbs your inner peace and start creating your genuine fulfilling life and be the difference you wish to see. My Water Consciousness Sailing Retreat is made for you.

Why This Retreat Stands Out

This isn't just another retreat. It's for individuals ready to pioneer their own path in life by bravely embracing a liberating self-journey.

With tailored sessions and guided practice, you will learn to cultivate continuous happiness and well-being from within, regaining control to reshape your reality.

What Awaits You:

• Establish an unbreakable connection with your authentic self

• Stay immune from outside influences

• Reshape your world using your very own creative power

• Harness the sea's unique and secret deep-healing capacities
-you will not find this anywhere else!

The Unique Benefits

Forget about the ineffective solutions you tried before, the endless theories, temporary highs from guru-led events, solitary struggles, and the parrot talk of do's and dont's in copycat methods...


low-impact large group sessions

guru-talk for the masses

distractions intruding on your progress

incomplete or dragging methods

solitary struggles


fading out results

✅ INSTEAD, this retreat offers

  • attentive personal coaching

  • no-nonsense facilitation

  • the perfect ambient setting

  • easy to learn effective methods

  • hands-on practical guidance

  • inspired motivation

  • fast and lasting results

Life is short..

It's hard to figure this life-liberating procedure out by yourself. So, save your valuable time and get the support you need.
Join me for just 10 days to acquire the state of being and the skill-set you need that allows you to reshape your life in alignment with your true desires.
Creating your life will never be the same.

Water Whisperer Captain

Capitana Mika is your guide and mentor. She has over 35 years of expertise in creative processes and 17 years in holistic energy healing and release coaching. The 'water whispering' element complements her proficiency.

She combines her "wholistic" coaching practice with her nomadic sailing life, founded after a stunning experience on the Greek sea in 2014.

Besides physical shifts in well-being created by seawater, she explores unconventional aspects regarding its consciousness and its communication abilities.
As a live-aboard captain, she sails various seas and oceans, creating her world with a deep seeded awareness for freedom and peaceful sovereignty.

Water, Consciousness, and Limitless Possibilities

This liberating self-journey is an invaluable opportunity to enter a new reality with limitless possibilities. Regain control of your destiny while rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul, and experience the healing sensation of sailing on the sea.

Guided compassionately through the layers of consciousness, you will learn to dissolve rusty beliefs, how to reshape your life on your terms, and discover the covert potency of the sea supporting your transformation.

This life-altering process will serve you for the rest of your life.


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